Arroyo Vista Elementary School

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The Ink Drinkers Book Club

4th/5th Grade Ink Drinkers 2015-2016

2012-13 Club Officers make this book club run (and fun).

Arroyo Vista's book club meetings are run 100% by the elected officers. This year's officers are: (Back Row, Left to Right) Sergeant of Arms: Christina V. , Nick R., Allison B. (Front Row, Left to Right) Secretary: David N., President: Byron N., Vice President: Preston S. Check out the recommended books in our famous Book Club Bookmark at left. The bookmark is published at the end of each year highlighting the best books reviewed and rated by the members. AV Library Tech Joanna LeFave is club counselor and host.

Author Russ Woody speaks to the Ink Drinkers about his career in writing.

His new novel for young readers is The Wheel of Nuldoid, a fantasy adventure that many clubmembers have read and are enthusiastic about. It has already earned three major writing and publishing awards. This caps his career as Emmy-award-winning scriptwriter for top TV shows like Murphy Brown, the Middle, Hill Street Blues, Benson, Fantasy Island, Webster, Newhart, Valerie's Family, St. Elsewhere, Parenthood, Good Sports, Room for Two, Double Rush, Mad About You, The Drew Carey Show, Cybill, Style & Substance, Becker, and Notes from the Underbelly, The Book Club did not want Mr. Woody to leave, ever.

A "Nuldoid"

nuldoid.jpgas Russ Woody has sculpted him, lives on the inside of the Earth, helping to keep our planet rotating from day to night. He is fairly grumpy. Nuldoids call us humans "crustoids" because we live out on the edge of the earth's crust. This ceramic sculpture, about two feet high, is almost life-sized, says Mr. Woody. He is beginning work on a sequel. Ink Drinkers can't wait.

Come to the Ink Drinkers Book Club--where kids rule the books.

The best stories... The best books... Pick them out. Drink them up. Young book critics, young movie critics, young website critics, tell us what you think. Professional authors and illustrators sometimes drop in for a slurp, too. We have a good book time in the library the first Tuesday of every month.

Bring your favorites--or your best book list. If you are not a member and this sounds like fun, come to any meeting. For third, fourth, and fifth grades only. For more information at school ask Arroyo Vista Librarian Selena Baydaline host and club counselor.


reads from her latest Zibby Payne book to Book Club members. Ms. Bell is one of many authors who have come to talk to the Book Club over the years. Favorite Club question: How did you get to be an author?