Arroyo Vista Elementary School

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Connecting with SPUSD

Wondering how to be updated about SPUSD and school information?
South Pasadena Unified School District uses a system called ParentSquare to deliver emails, phone calls, and/or text messages for outreach, information, and emergencies. At the beginning of each school year, families set up their primary email address and primary phone number within the AERIES Parent Portal. The information within AERIES is then shared with ParentSquare for communications purposes. To log into the AERIES Parent Portal and update your information, please click here.
You also will be given the opportunity to create a personal account with ParentSquare. If you have not received an invitation, you may also visit this link to register. Please take a moment to watch the introductory video:
At the start of the school year, ParentSquare notifications will default to “instant,” which means you will receive all notifications instantly after they are sent. If you prefer to receive notifications as “digest” (all messages delivered together at 6 pm to your email), log into your ParentSquare account and change your notification settings from instant to digest. You may set your ParentSquare app and text notifications to digest if you prefer as well.
In addition to ParentSquare, the SPUSD website and individual school websites are the main hubs for information related to school news and events.
Looking for a convenient way to check student grades and information? Do you use the AERIES mobile portal?
The AERIES mobile portal (app) allows parents and secondary students to check grades, gradebook details, attendance, and profile information from the convenience of a smartphone. This mobile app directly mirrors AERIES portal online, and will include the most up-to-date information available in real time. We caution you only to use the AERIES app and not to share your AERIES login information with other apps that may claim to be connected with AERIES.
Periodically checking student grades and progress is a terrific way to ensure that students are progressing toward their goals. Remember that finding balance is key – be mindful of how frequently you check on grades so as not to cause unwanted stress for students.
We look forward to connecting with you!