Arroyo Vista Elementary School

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Districtwide LED Lighting Project Improves Energy Efficiency and Saves Money

Over the past three years, every South Pasadena Unified School has undergone a subtle, yet illuminating, transformation. Thousands of lights at the schools have been replaced with LED bulbs and components. In addition to the long-term cost savings, the switch to LED lights means the schools use less energy, reduce their carbon footprint, and have become more environmentally friendly.
Measure SP bond funds, along with a state grant, subsidized this districtwide project. LED lights last much longer than incandescent bulbs and fluorescent lamps, plus they are made of non-toxic materials and are 100% recyclable. The majority of the LED fixtures installed at the schools will consume 60% less energy than the prior lighting fixtures. LED lights do not contain hazardous mercury, which will contaminate the environment when disposed of in landfills.
Measure SP, passed in 2016, allows for $98 million in bonds to fund necessary improvements for the schools. Every school site has seen improvements from new and modernized buildings to safer campuses.

For more information, contact: South Pasadena Unified School District, Office of the Superintendent,