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Mrs. Baskin's Second Grade Class

Homework for the Week of  June 4, 2018
Monday, June 4, 2018  - 

No Homework tonight.

Please have your child continue to bring his/her backpack to school

I will be sending home old work, note to parents, etc.  tonight and tomorrow.

Tuesday,  June 5,   2018    Last Day of School  12:30 p.m. Dismissal
If you are a Lexia student, you may still access the website during the summer.
Everyone should be able to access Think Central and Ticket to Read throughout the summer.
Please go to the South Pasadena Public Library to participate in the Summer Reading Program.














Message From Mrs. Baskin  


June 4, 2018


Dear Families,


Thanks for a wonderful year!  Be sure to check out the class  photos that were and will be shared with you at the link that Mrs. Mason sent you.  If you have any photos to add, please forward them to Mrs. Mason.   A message to you, your child's Flat Sibling book,  Writing Book, and old work is being sent home tonight.  Please have your child continue to bring his/her backpack because I will have a couple of things to send home for your child, including the report card,  tomorrow.


Thank you for all your have done to support your child, me, and the school this year!


Enjoy your summer!  See you back at AV in August!





May 25, 2018


Dear Families,


        We kicked off our Sports Day with a water balloon toss.  Ask your child to tell you all about it.  (Or read about it in their journal, when it is sent home the week of June 4.)  We said goodby to our chicks, Comet and Cinnamon today.  We enjoyed having them for a few weeks.  They went home with Maggie Wang and her family.  


       The coming week will be busy, with our walking field trip to the Public Library, our Unit 7 Math Test on Thursday, and Camp Baskin on Friday.  We will also get to see the dress rehearsal for the 5th Grade Promotion on Friday.   


       Meanwhile, enjoy a relaxing Memorial Day weekend.





May 18, 2018       


Dear Families,


          Thank you for the wonderful turnout at Open House!  It was so much fun to speak with all of you.  I am  grateful for your enthusiasm and willingness to share your stories with each other and me.  It was fun to  meet some of the people who were the stars of the Family History Project.  I was delighted to see so many grandparents, aunts and uncles.  The warmth of our AV community brings me such happiness.


          Coming up this week is Catapult Design Project 2, listening to Flat Sibling Books, Benchmark Testing,  and Silly Hair Day and Sports Day (both on Friday. ) 


          The following week, on Wed., May 30 we will be taking a Walking Field Trip to the South Pasadena Public Library.  If you are interested in being a chaperone for the trip, please e-mail me.  We will leave school around 10 a.m. and return by 11:25 a.m.  



           On Friday, June  1, we will have Camp Baskin.   Students may bring a sleeping bag or beach towel to school.  It would be fun to have 1 or more small tents set up in our room.  Let me know if you have a tent we could borrow for the day.  We will participate in camp activities during the regular school day.


           Please remember to e-mail  Mrs. Mason  with any photos you have of class activities from this year.  She will include them in our Class Album site.  


           The  final opportunity for volunteering in the classroom will be on the last day of school, Tuesday, June 5.  I need 4-5 people to supervise groups of children in making pizza.  The plan is for you to come to school at 8:30 to help.  I need each parent to bring a large mixing  bowl, a wooden spoon, a pizza pan or cookie sheet, and a rolling pin, if you have one.  I will provide the recipe and ingredients. We will make the pizzas with the children. Then  I will  need you to take the pizza home, bake it, and return to school with it at 11:30 a.m. , when we will eat it.  We'd love our volunteers to stay and eat with us, if you can.    Dismissal that day is at 12:30 pm  We generally have time to eat, watch the final edition of the Class Photos Slideshow, and give out Class Awards.  E-mail me  if you can help us out.  


          (The following message from last week, but I left it here, in case some people have not seen it.)   Thank you very much to Mrs. Ward for decorating our classroom door and  thank you to the children  for writing kind notes to me.  It was fun to see so many students wearing my favorite color green, on Monday.  It didn't dawn on me right away, but I did notice by lunchtime and told the children, "So that's why Mrs. Ward asked me my favorite color!" Also thank you for the generous Amazon gift card and beautiful flowers!  I feel very lucky to be supported by such very special families.















































































































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