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Ellen Baskin » Mrs. Baskin's Second Grade Class

Mrs. Baskin's Second Grade Class

Homework for the Week of Oct. 23, 2017
Monday, Oct. 23, 2017  - Red Ribbon Week
Spelling List - Long U sound;  Spelling Pretest on Wednesday, Spelling Test on Friday
Do Spelling Worksheet
 Do Math Homework and Remembering Unit 2, Lesson 8
Optional -  Personal Math Trainer Unit 2  lessons  are available on the Think Central site.  
Read for 20 minutes or go to Ticket to Read for 20 minutes
Optional STEM project due on or before Oct. 27.  Instructions were sent home previously.  If you are planning on doing the project, work on it throughout the week, as needed.
Here's the link to the SPUSD Elementary Websites:
Tuesday,  Oct. 24, 2017  

 Complete High Frequency Worksheet

Complete Math Homework & Remembering Worksheet 2-9

Optional Personal Math Trainer 

Read for 20 minutes (Ticket to Read okay, too).  


Wednesday,October 25, 2017 - Eat your Greens, WEAR GREEN Today


Complete Homework and Remembering Unit 2, Lesson 10

Personal Math Trainer lessons available online at Think Central site

Work on your optional STEM project if needed

Read for 20 minutes (Ticket to Read okay, too) 



Thursday, Oct. 26, 2017 


Complete Homework and Remembering Unit 2, Lesson 11


Complete Spelling worksheet

Optional STEM project due tomorrow

Read for 20 minutes (Ticket to Read okay, too) 


Friday, Oct. 27,  2017    Optional STEM project due today, 1:05 p.m. Dismissal

 Last day of Red Ribbon Week - Wear RED today

No homework tonight




Message From Mrs. Baskin


Oct. 20, 2017


Dear Families,


          Our high school helper visited us twice this week.  She read Time for Kids with several small groups and is getting to know all the children.  Bella is a junior at the high school and is proving to be helpful and good  at working with the students.   We had a successful Great ShakeOut  earthquake drill on Thursday.  Today Mrs. Donaldson and Mrs. Minnig showed us how to make  beautiful fall landscapes using watercolors.    The paintings are drying and will be hung in our class Monday after school.  


           We will start Unit 3 Plants and Animals in Their Habitats in our reading series.  At our professional development last Monday, we learned one of the other schools refers to our magazine of stories as "the college book"  because we are doing close reading  circling vocabulary words, underlining key details and taking notes in the margins, practices we adults didn't use until later in our schooling.  These strategies are quite different from past practice in second grade, but the children seem to enjoy doing this and are becoming experts at verbally citing main ideas, details, evidence and vocabulary from the articles and stories.  


          Have a great weekend! 














































Spelling List


Week of Oct. 23, 2017


Long U Sound - -ew, -ue, -u, u_e 


1.  cube

2.  cute

3.  few

4.  fuel

5.  huge

6.  January

7.  menu

8.  music

9.  rescue

10.  use


High Frequency Words


11.  school

12.  eight

14.  laugh